Bridge Engineering

  • Assessment of Structures, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Inspection Technologies, Structural Health Monitoring, Remote Monitoring of Structures, Scour Assessment
  • Seismic Design Issues and Approaches for Bridges, Highways and Underground Structures
  • Design Methods and Materials, Innovative Repair Methods and Materials, Durable and Sustainable Designs, Innovative Materials, Advances in Foundation Design/Construction, Accelerated and/or Performance Based Design/Construction, Aesthetics and Environment
  • Extreme-Hazard Resilient Structures - Risk/Reliability Assessments, Emergency Management Practices, Multi-hazard Design, Enhanced Post-Earthquake Serviceability, Scour Assessment and Restoration, Quality Control/Quality Assurance.
  • State-of-the-Arts and State-of-the-Practices on Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance